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Broad Spectrum Chelator Therapy

A purifying treatment of the cortex, reserved for professionals.
Patented technology
Intense repair

Size | 370ml

This powerful chelating agent for professional use purifies the hair fiber down to the cortex while preserving its hydration and essential proteins. It removes a wide range of heavy metals, minerals, calcium, oil and traces of copper which alter colouration to create a clean canvas and optimize the results of all chemical treatments.

- Non-foaming care, without adding product - Eliminates harmful particles without damaging the hair. - Cleanses the scalp and provides antioxidant protection against pollution and free radical damage. - Promotes better penetration and effectiveness of chemical treatments. - Revives the color and neutralizes the coppery effect. - Restores natural shine, softness and manageability.

Apply 1 to 3 pumps and gently distribute the product throughout the hair for 15 to 30 minutes to remove deep impurities from the cortex. * For professional treatment, do not rinse.