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Shield Spray

The Blond Care Shield Spray protects the hair from external aggressions and provides softness.

Size | 200ml

Solaris is the high-performance professional bleaching and home maintenance range for achieving the most beautiful blondes for over 30 years.

The Blond Care Shield Spray protects the hair from heat, up to 230°C, as well as from external aggressions (UV, pollution, fine particles, sun, etc.) for longer-lasting color. It improves hair quality application after application and repairs the fiber. Thanks to its anti-breakage action, the hair breaks less when brushing. They are shiny and soft from root to tip.

> Protects from heat up to 230°C
> Protects the color from external aggressions
> Anti-breakage action
> The hair fiber is repaired
> The hair is soft and shiny

Spray on damp hair on the lengths and ends. Use daily.

Enriched with Keravis, vegetable protein complex, which preserves hair from breakage

Contains Coconut oil known for its nourishing properties, ideal for sensitized hair.