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Keratin Balance Conditioner

Moisturizing conditioner for all hair types
Made in France

Size | 200ml

Formulated with keratin*, the Essential KERATIN BALANCE conditioner from EUGENE PERMA Professionnel leaves the lengths hydrated and facilitates detangling. The addition of a sebum-regulating amino acid rebalances the scalp microbiome. Your hair is soft and regains its lightness. It nourishes dry ends and facilitates detangling without weighing down the hair.

Made in our factory in France

*Plant analogue of keratin

- Facilitates detangling
- Rebalances the microbiome of the scalp
- Leaves the hair soft and light
- Hydrates the lengths

Use on damp hair after Keratin Balance shampoo. Distribute over the lengths and ends, leave on for 3 minutes, detangle then rinse thoroughly.

Vegetable keratin*
*vegetable analogue