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neutralizing milk

Post-bleaching Neutralizing Milk has been specially designed to stop the action of bleaching products and prepare the hair for recolouring.

Size | 500ml

Solaris is the high-performance professional bleaching and home maintenance range for achieving the most beautiful blondes for over 30 years.

Solaris Neutralizing Milk neutralizes alkaline residues resulting from discoloration and regulates the porosity of the hair fiber to ensure perfectly homogeneous recoloration. This specific shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair while leaving it soft and easy to comb.

> Neutralizes residues resulting from discoloration
> Regulates the porosity of the fiber
> Promotes homogeneous recoloration
> Acid pH technology to tighten the hair fiber
> Gently cleanses

With bamboo extract with nourishing and regenerating properties.

Acid pH technology that smoothes the cuticle for a silky touch and more shine.