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Coloring Creams - The Men's Service

Eugène Perma Professional pushes the limits of oxidation coloring with Carmen Ton sur Ton to bring to the colorists a tool of excellence that highlights their know-how. The Men’s service allows you to conceal white hair discreetly and without obligation, for a rejuvenating effect.

shades | Men Blond

Capacity | 60ml

Eugène Perma Professionnel pushes the limits of oxidation coloring with Carmen to provide colourists with an excellent tool that highlights their know-how.

Carmen Ton Sur Ton is the 1st semi-permanent hair color* to enhance reflections and shine thanks to the REFLECT MAGNETIC SYSTEM. Attracted by the keratin fibre, it attaches like a magnet to the hair to smooth the surface and form an envelope, which reflects light and amplifies color and shine.
Its "Perfect Finish" action conditions and sublimates the hair by providing 3X more softness and 70% improvement in detangling.**

The Men's service allows gray hair to be discreetly and without commitment camouflaged, for a rejuvenating effect.

Carmen Ton sur Ton Men coloring creams are used with Carmen Ton sur Ton developers (5, 9 or 15 Volumes), specially designed to release all the color and care benefits.

Ammonia-free for more comfort on application.
Manufactured in France in our factory in Reims.

*by Eugene Perma Professional
**Tests carried out on a coloristic formula with Reflect Magnetic System in comparison with the same coloristic formula without Reflect Magnetic System

> Up to 50% white hair coverage
> Natural effect, color without commitment
> Quick result, without constraint
> Brings softness
> Neutralizes yellow reflections


TON SUR TON developers are specially designed to release all the color and care benefits of CARMEN TON SUR TON coloring creams.
- 15 Volumes: for a discreet camouflage effect on white hair.
- 9 Volumes: possible on very sensitized hair or if more neutralization is needed.

In an applicator bottle, start by measuring out 30 ml of CARMEN Ton sur Ton specific developer, then add 30 ml of colorant. Shake until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

On clean damp or dry hair, with an applicator bottle or a brush.

1st application: apply all over the hair, leave on, emulsify and rinse.
Following applications: localize on the roots, lengthen if necessary.
Leave on for 5 minutes for a natural result.

Emulsify carefully with lukewarm water then rinse thoroughly.

Amplified reflections and extreme shine thanks to Reflect Magnetic System technology. This innovative combination of 2 quaternary ammoniums and an anti-radical agent provides better color rendering and a better conditioning effect.