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The 2023 summer sun highlights curly hair.

The “bleach hair” technique makes it possible to quickly achieve a pale lightened base and bring depth to ringlets, while the “hairtouch” technique provides progressive, gradual lightening for a more natural
effect around the edges of the face.

For unswervingly beautiful, shiny curls!

Step 1

Begin by separating the hair into five sections as shown on the diagram, leaving zone A natural.

Step 2

Perform the "bleach hair" technique on zone B using foils, applying Solaris P7 20 volume mix 1+1.5.

Step 3

Using a hair dryer, perform the «hairtouch» technique, weaving out two strips of hair along the edges of zones C, D and E, and then continue to apply the «bleach hair” technique to the rest of the hair in those zones. Once the hair reaches a light yellow base, rinse thoroughly and use Solaris Neutralizing Milk.

Step 4

Perform the “ creative color ” to damp, towel-dried hair that has been detangled, beginning at the top

Apply the Carmen Rituel mixture to the roots: 20gr 6*21 + 20gr 7*32 + 10gr 8*03 with the Cream
Activator 5 volume mix

Then immediately apply the following Carmen Rituel mixture to the mid-lengths and ends: 20gr 10*23 + 20gr 9*03 + 10gr 8*03 with the 9 volume developer cream in a 1+2 mix.

Step 5

Leave in for 20 minutes. Rinse and complete the technique by washing the hair with Rebalancing Cleansing Jelly, then finish byconditioning with Carmen Rituel Perfecting Care Balm.

Final touch

To style, distribute Curl Cream Artist(e) throughout damp, towel dried hair, and define the curls
using the «finger coil» method, which consists of rolling each curl around a finger. Dry using a diffuser,
then apply Spray Gloss Artist(e)

bleach hair

“This balayage technique involve irregular weaving which makes it possible to achieve a uniform lightened base on curly hair, from roots to ends, without a marked effect at the root, and it may easily be colored again when desired"


The hair touch

“For a soft, perfectly blended look without teasing the hair, hairtouching makes it possibles to create a natural mixture of shades between the natural base and the lighter highlights