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Ultra Powerful Bleaching Powder 9

The ultra lightening and multi-technique 9-tone purple powder.

Size | 450g

Solaris is the high-performance professional bleaching and home maintenance range for achieving the most beautiful blondes for over 30 years.

Solaris Multi-Technique Bleaching Powder 9 is ideal for major makeovers. It is easy to apply, thanks to its smooth texture that adheres to hair and paper. Enriched with care agent, it bleaches while respecting the integrity of the hair fiber.

> Lightens up to 9 tones
> Ultra powerful and fast
> Optimal respect for the integrity of the hair
> Non-volatile
> Can be used with Olaplex

In a non-metallic bowl with Oxycrem 10 Volumes (3%), 20 Volumes (6%), 30 Volumes (9%) or 40 Volumes (12%), depending on the degree of lightening desired, the nature and the ethnic origins of the hair.
For discoloration of the roots, use a maximum of Oxycrem 30 Volumes (9%).
Mixture from 1+1.5 to 1+2.
Pour the quantity of powder required and add the oxidant little by little until you obtain a smooth cream.

Leave on for up to 60 min. To be monitored according to the desired result. Can be halved under activator.

Rinse thoroughly and proceed with the specific Solaris Neutralizing Milk shampoo.

Enriched with caring agent.