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Lightening Oil 4

Lightening Oil is ideal for lightening natural hair by 4 tones and providing a more or less pronounced sun effect.

Size | 500ml

Solaris is the high-performance professional bleaching and home maintenance range for achieving the most beautiful blondes for over 30 years.

Solaris Lightening Oil 4 is ideal for light honey, hazelnut or amber discolorations on natural hair. This multi-purpose oil can also be used before oxidation, tone-on-tone or direct coloring.
Finally, this oil is perfect for making an American shampoo that will offer a subtle and luminous clarification.

>Lightens up to 4 tones
>Jelly texture for a pleasant application

Shake the bottle. In a non-metallic bowl or in a shaker, mix 40 ml of Solaris Lightening Oil with 80 ml of oxidant. Leave on for 10 to 40 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with the specific Solaris Neutralizing Milk shampoo.