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make-up remover

The Make-up Remover eliminates color overload and thus allows a change of reflection and tone height.

Size | 12x25g

Solaris is the high-performance professional bleaching and home maintenance range for achieving the most beautiful blondes for over 30 years. Solaris Oxidation Hair Color

Remover removes artificial pigmentation, from the lightest to the most intense. It thus makes it possible to eliminate the overloads of color or to carry out a change of reflection or height of tone. It is an essential product for successive stages of make-up removal during major color changes.

>Removes makeup up to 5 tones
>Eliminates color overload
>Buildable strength
>Compatible with Olaplex

In a non-metallic bowl or a shaker, mix a sachet of Solaris compact make-up remover and 10, 20 or 30 volume Oxycrem, or lukewarm water for light make-up removal. The preparation gives a smooth cream that is easy to apply. 1 sachet for 75ml of lukewarm water or Oxycrem

Apply with a brush to dry, unwashed hair.

• If there are overloads: then start with these.
• If there are dark natural regrowths: start with the lengths and let pause according to the desired lightening, then apply on the regrowths with the same strength, or a higher strength of Oxycrem.
• If there are light natural regrowths: start with the lengths and leave on depending on the desired lightening, then apply on the regrowths with the same oxidant in the very last minutes. Never start a make-up removal by the root.

From 3 to 50 minutes, to be monitored depending on the mixture and the desired result. Can be halved under activator. See the table of use present on the instructions.

Rinse thoroughly and proceed with the specific Solaris Neutralizing Milk shampoo.